The male actor and his wife spoke about the rumor spreading on social networks.

Recently, social networks have been flooded with unverified information saying: “Meritorious Artist Kim Tu Long has passed away”; “Meritorious Artist Kim Tu Long passed away suddenly at the age of 55“… the viewers are confused và do not know what is true.


Recently, when going to lớn the funeral to lớn see the late Meritorious Artist Thanh Kim Hue, when seeing YouTubers & fans recording, Kim Tu Long approached và talked to lớn everyone about this incident. Talented male artist: “What I post on YouTube must be true and must be accurate. Don’t do things that aren’t true, like going to lớn YouTube saying Long is dead. Long doesn’t know who posted it, but it’s not okay to vày so, because it’s offensive and the online community will no longer trust YouTubers to report. Hope everyone’s health”.

Couple Kim Tu Long and Trinh Trinh denied the rumors

Speaking khổng lồ us, Kim Tu Long’s wife – artist Trinh Trinh – said she often hears this information & that of her family. Those who spread the news because they want people’s attention should take the title of the view sentence, deliberately compelling. “Mr. Is still healthy. Long. Every day, Mr. Participates. Long in the gameshow và participating in signed activities. At night, if he has không tính tiền time, he helps me sell online. We have an online snack store lớn cover our lives & earn extra income”.

Accordingly, some accounts wanted to lớn make headlines & view sentences, so they shared, collaged old hospital photos, & even giả idols of male actors to lớn attract viewers & false information. Soon, artist cat Phuong was also reported to have died after opening a cafe. “King of Cai Luong” Vu Linh, artists đưa ra Trung, Cong Ly … also fell into the same situation. Prior to lớn that, many fabricated sources also on social networks confirmed that the singer Phi Nhung is actually still alive, the funeral was just a “trick” in the eyes of the audience và the online community. Therefore, in the current situation, readers need khổng lồ be alert và avoid believing uncommon information. “Oh my gosh, but when I watched YouTube, it was said that Kim Tu Long had passed away, it made me completely lost”,“Why vày you keep making money by insulting others”,“Now I no longer trust YouTube, like everyone else“… Some comments from netizens.

Reformed artist Hong Loan shared: “I hope YouTubers are a bit more honest và ethical, try to lớn invest in content, bởi good, new, unique, useful things for society to lớn see by the audience, not giả news. Put like that to earn illegally”.

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