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2022 is the year to lớn enter the music industry.

A third of the US population is paying $120 a year on music streaming.

Compared to lớn 1999, the average music consumer was under 30 and spent $28 a year.

"SONG NAME" – what a wonderful name for a(n) GENRE song!

Now you need a beat (instrumental track).

Your beat will set the vibe và structure of your song.

Find an original beat by an award-winning beat maker now.

Find BeatSkip

Now you need a melody.

The melody is the tune or pitch of your lyrics when you sing.

hocketoanthue.edu.vn houses award-winning melody composers for you to work with.

Find a melody composer khổng lồ make your song memorable.

The lyrics give meaning khổng lồ your song.

You may already have an idea what your tuy nhiên is about.

Work with an award-winning songwriter from hocketoanthue.edu.vn to lớn brew up something poetic & meaningful.

With a test track, you have a track lớn sing along with when you record your vocals in the studio.

hocketoanthue.edu.vn has a directory of professional singers that can record a chạy thử track for you.

With your chạy thử track ready, it's time to hit the recording studio.

hocketoanthue.edu.vn gives you priority access to exclusive A-Class recording studios around the world.

Engineers in the studio will phối you up and guide you through the recording process.

With your recorded vocals, your song is still not complete.

Find a mixing engineer lớn combine your beat & vocals so they "sit" together.

The mixing engineer will apply autotune, special effects và all the industry-secret formulas khổng lồ make your song sound like a major hit.

Find a mixing engineer on hocketoanthue.edu.vn now.

The last step is lớn master your mixed song.

Mastering is important because it makes your song sound perfect on all devices – in the car, your phone speaker and even on Spotify.

Do not skip mastering!

Use hocketoanthue.edu.vn lớn find a mastering engineer khổng lồ put the final touches on your song.

Now expose your song to as many people as possible lớn win new fans.

Use our submission service to lớn send your songs to lớn Spotify playlists, magazines và even record labels!

Submissions start at $5.

Purchase an instrumental beat for your tuy nhiên for $149.

All our beats are created by award-winning producers. Each beat can only be sold once.

Collaborate with a professional music freelancer.

With your purchased beat, work with renown music-industry experts lớn compose the melody, write the lyrics and even record background vocals.

Book a recording session from one of our studios worldwide.

An engineer will be present on the day to lớn guide you through the recording process.

Send your beat, vocals và files lớn an engineer to mix & master.

The engineer will apply autotune, special effects và all the industry-secret formulas to lớn make your tuy vậy sound like a major hit.

Submit your tuy vậy to record labels, playlists, etc. Via our submission service.

If your tuy nhiên gets rejected, receive a feedback on why it was rejected & how you can improve.

Buy Cheap và Exclusive Beats

The first step to have your own song is khổng lồ have a beat.

Browse through 1000s of instrumental beats, priced at $149 all day, everyday.

Hire Award-Winning Music Freelancers

Found a beat for your song? Now work và collaborate with đứng đầu musicians in the industry to lớn write, sing or set your song.

Record in a World-Class Studio

Bring your beat khổng lồ a studio & record your vocals.

hocketoanthue.edu.vn gives you priority access to the most coveted recording studios around the world to record your vocals.

Each session comes with engineers to guide you through the recording process lớn make sure you sound like a superstar.

Prices start at $50 per hour.

Search recording studios

Submit Your song to Curators

Recorded your vocals over your beat and mastered your song?

Now get your tuy vậy placed into popular playlists, reviewed in top magazines, pitched to social truyền thông influencers, submitted to record labels & more.

Starting at $5 a submission, submit your tuy nhiên to the most respected music curators in the industry.

If your music gets rejected, get a reviews on your song.

Submit your tuy vậy now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is hocketoanthue.edu.vn?

A: hocketoanthue.edu.vn is an international music industry marketplace for artists khổng lồ buy & sell beats, book music studios, & submit music to playlist curators.

Q: How can I buy a beat?

A: Simply browse through the beats listed on hocketoanthue.edu.vn. You are able to lớn listen to lớn the không lấy phí previews or tải về them onto your device. When you have found a beat that you like, simple click the BUY NOW links and you will be transferred to lớn the checkout page.

Q: When will I receive my purchased beat?

A: Once you have made your payment, the beat will be delivered to lớn your email immediately.

Q: Will the voice tag be removed after I purchase a beat?

A: Yes, all voice tags & watermarks that you hear in the miễn phí preview will be removed when you get the beat delivered to you after purchase.

Q: How many times will each beat be sold?

A: Each beat will only be sold khổng lồ one customer & then removed from the website. Unlike other stores that offer both multiple & trackout options for the same beat, all beats listed on hocketoanthue.edu.vn are trackout. This means no one in the world will have the beat that you own.

Q: What payment methods bởi vì you accept?

A: We accept both PayPal & credit card. Our website uses 256-big SSL encryption khổng lồ ensure your privacy & safety.